Our goal is a more representative and accountable state government.  Our efforts focus on specific, achievable changes in the following five issue areas that will help foster a state political system the public can trust.

Campaign Finance Transparency

Advocating for legislation requiring state campaigns to file their campaign finance reports electronically and for significant upgrades to Pennsylvania's campaign finance disclosure website.

Campaign Contribution Limits

Pennsylvania is one of only eleven states without contribution limits on individual donors. Unlimited contributions both allow donors to exert undue influence and politicians to demand exorbitant contributions.

Lobbying Disclosure and Gift Restrictions

Pennsylvania does not limit what kind of gifts elected officials can receive from lobbyists or other interests. This erodes the public's confidence that government work is being conducted in the public interest and not for the personal gain of politicians.

Non-Partisan Redistricting

The gerrymandering of legislative districts reduces the competitiveness of Pennsylvania's elections and makes our elected officials less representative of the electorate. Pennsylvania needs a non-partisan commission which can create a fair district map that prioritizes voters over politics.

Open Primaries

In Primary Elections across the Commonweatlh, even those where the outcome of the primary all but ensures the general election winner, independent voters are unable to participate. Primary elections in Pennsylvania ought to be open to all voters, especially since all taxpayers - regardless of political affiliation - foot the bill.

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Electronic Filing Legislation

Commonwealth Commonsense is advocating for the passage of legislation to require all campaigns in Pennsylvania to submit their required contribution reports electronically, making it much easier for Pennsylvanians to know who is influencing the elections they vote in.

Improving Pennsylvania's Campaign Finance Disclosure Website

In addition to making electronic filing mandatory, it is important that the state's campaign finance website is modernized to make filing easy and to make data accessible to all Pennsylvanians.

Good Government Survey

Commonwealth Commonsense surveys all candidates for the General Assembly to gather their views on important issues of government transparency and accountability. Results are published publicly to provide voters with better information as they go to the polls.

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