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Commonwealth Commonsense works to raise the standards for an accountable and representative government in Pennsylvania. We fundamentally believe that a democracy only works when constituents trust their elected officials and government, and significant policy changes need to be made in Pennsylvania to increase that sacred trust. We are a statewide Political Action Committee organizing other Pennsylvanians who agree that accountable and representative government should be the priority above partisan politics. We are working for common sense government reforms in the Commonwealth.‚Äč



  1. Educated and active participation of all people is critical for an accountable and representative government.
  2. A  bi-partisan approach and active engagement of all perspectives is key to creating sound policy.
  3. Systemic change must emerge from within the current system.  Political action committees are a mechanism for change when used with care within the present system.
  4. Civility in political discourse enables open and honest dialogue among individuals with divergent views.
  5. Polarized political systems that lack willingness to compromise impede systemic change.